Unless you’ve tried to wash your clothes with a washboard and tub, it is hard to appreciate the convenience and ease that washing machines bring to an otherwise time- and energy-consuming chore. These modern marvels operate on a system of complex timers, valves, and controls. These tell the tub when to perform such tasks as filling and emptying, select the proper temperature settings and sequence lengths, and initiate the spin cycle. When one of these elements is broken, you could be left with soaking laundry, laundry that isn’t really clean, or simply piles of unwashed clothes accumulating in your hampers. If your home or business requires washing machine repairs, call the experts at Casa Appliance Repair today. Our appliance repair team is your answer for getting your washer back in top working order.

We have been helping Los Angeles with appliance repair services for nearly three combined decades, and we can work on all makes and models of residential and commercial washing machines. We can even perform washer-dryer repair for stacked units and work on coin-operated machines. Some common complaints that our washing machine repair experts handle include:

  • Tub not filling
  • Tub not draining
  • Leaks
  • Machine making a lot of noise
  • Incorrect water levels
  • Incorrect water temperatures
  • Cycle length and sequence issues
  • Machine not turning on at all

Based on your description of your unit’s behavior, your washing machines repair specialist will inspect and troubleshoot your washer to determine the source of the problem. We only use reliable parts and industry-specific tools to bring you washing machine repairs that will hold up wash after wash. Our team members are dedicated to providing timely service to every customer, but we never sacrifice quality for speed. Working efficiently and effectively to get the job done right the first time, we’re your answer for washer-dryer repair in Los Angeles!

Washer and dryer repair is best left to licensed and insured experts who know how to implement solutions without incurring further damages to your machines or causing property damages during the project. There is also an element of personal safety risk involved, as washing machine repair often involves working around moving parts, electricity, and water lines. When you want the job done right, leave it to the experts at Casa Appliance Repair. With more than 28 years of experience, we’re the name to trust to repair washing machines in Los Angeles.