Refrigerators are the hardest working appliances commonly found in homes and businesses. Unlike other appliances, which are only used intermittently, refrigerators work around the clock to keep our perishables fresh. When this constant demand causes problems, many people believe that the best solution is unit replacement. The fact is that refrigeration repairs are usually quicker and less costly than buying a new appliance. If you’re having issues with your fridge, you need the help of a licensed, insured refrigerator repairs expert. Call Casa Appliance Repair today. We can make sure that your food stays fresh and safe!

Our dedicated refrigeration repair service team can work on units of all makes and models including commercial refrigerators. So if your refrigerator has stopped running, or if you have noticed an operational flaw such as a malfunctioning temperature control switch, call us right away. Immediate refrigerators repair is essential to avoid:

  • Wilted, spoiled food: Losing an entire refrigerator’s worth of food is a waste of resources and money. Seek professional assistance as soon as you suspect a problem to avoid that extra trip to the grocery store to replace your food.
  • Losing money due to inefficiency: If your refrigerator cycles too frequently, there could be a problem with your motor, compressor, or other internal parts that help keep your fridge cold. This results in a lot of extra power being used to achieve your desired level of coldness, meaning higher energy usage and higher energy bills.
  • Further damages to your unit: Not remedying an obvious problem can create more problems for your unit. This will wind up costing you more money on refrigerator repairs and lengthening the amount of time it takes your refrigeration repair pro to get your unit working at full capacity again.
  • Safety risks: A broken refrigerator has a greater potential for electrical problems, which can create serious fire hazards. Additionally, refrigerator leaks, caused by a faulty door gasket or broken drain pan, can also cause slipping hazards. Quick refrigerators repair can help ensure protection for your appliance, your home, and your family!

When you call the refrigeration repair service team from Casa Appliance Repair, you don’t have to worry about the hazards that come with unprofessional work. We have the experience that you just can’t get from reading a refrigerator repair manual. We’ve been dedicated to giving every customer reliable, speedy service at low prices. We use only quality refrigerator repair parts and tools, and we strive to help your refrigerator run flawlessly for years to come. In addition to working on standard refrigerators, we also perform freezer and refrigerator ice maker repair.

Whether you need help with the defroster on your freezer or your interior fridge light, we can perform refrigerator repairs big or small. We even offer emergency services. Call Casa Appliance Repair today for professional repairs in Los Angeles.