A clothesline might seem quaint, but the convenience of a properly working dryer is undeniable. After all, there is nothing quite like crawling under a clean blanket that you just pulled fresh from the dryer. But if your dryer leaves your clothes damp or too hot, or your machine is not turning on at all, there is only one foolproof solution—professional dryer repair from Casa Appliance Repair. Put away that dryer repair manual and pick up the phone today to speak to a representative from our team. We will send over an experienced dryer repairs expert to examine your unit, determine the source of the trouble and work on a solution to correct the problem and ensure that it doesn’t occur again. If you need professional washer-dryer repair in Los Angeles, Casa Appliance Repair is here to help! Call now 818-457-1177.

We perform both gas and electric dryer repair on:

  • Residential dryers
  • Commercial dryers
  • Coin-operated units
  • Stacked units
  • All makes and models

A variety of factors can cause problems with your dryer, including a blocked ventilation system, worn bearing and drum rollers, a spent door catch, and more. Our dryer repair service team has seen it all throughout our 28 years of combined experience. Whether your clothes dryer repairs include part replacement, routine maintenance, or a simple tune-up, you will receive the same superior service and value for your dollar. Using the best tools and parts and always showing the utmost respect for your time and property, our dryer repair service will not only remedy your problem but educate you on what caused the issue so you can stay completely informed.

Washer and dryer repair is not a project that someone can simply wing or learn to do with a few vague instructional videos off the Internet. An inexperienced person could easily cause more damages to the dryer, incurring further costs. Amateurs also run the risk of potentially hurting themselves and others if they are not properly versed in electric or gas dryer repairs. Make the smart move, and leave dryer repairs to our staff.

Casa Appliance Repair provides Los Angeles with unmatched washer-dryer repair service. We use our almost three decades of combined experience to make certain you can enjoy the finest quality appliance repairs. Clothes dryer repair is a more economical solution than replacement and can often be completed in less time than it would take for your replacement unit to be delivered and installed. So don’t be a “wet blanket.” If your machine is noisy or ineffective, choose the smart option: Call Casa Appliance Repair today for expert washer and dryer repair.